6/12/16: New Blood Medicine received a keen review from The Active Listener. Read the review here.

4/19/16: New Blood Medicine received a considerate review from The Out Door. Read the review here.

4/6/16: New Blood Medicine received a gracious mention in The New York Times. Read the piece here.

3/26/16: New Blood Medicine has been beautifully reissued on CD-R, housed in a recycled paperboard gatefold case with full-color artwork, lyrics sheet and liner notes. Available now from Wild Silence.

1/19/16: New Blood Medicine received a thoughtful review from Rotational Review. Read the review here.

1/1/16: Pleased to share the release of my latest work, New Blood Medicine. The album is a collection of home recordings from 2015. Listen and/or download it here.

7/6/15: I will be playing a live set on Sunday, July 19, 2015 at 6 p.m. at The Night Gallery in Pittsburgh with Grandpa Egg, Diamond Shapes and others.

3/17/15: Language Of The Birds received a gracious review from Disaster Amnesiac. Read the review here.

2/15/15: Language Of The Birds received a positive review from Guide Me Little Tape. Read it here.

1/20/15: My new cassette album, Language Of The Birds, is out now on Hairy Spider Legs independent music label in Chicago. Order a copy by contacting me or by visiting Hairy Spider Legs.

12/22/14: Language Of The Birds is available for pre-order.

12/19/14: Pleased to share that Language Of The Birds, a new body of work recorded in Summer 2014, is scheduled for cassette release on January 20, 2015 from Hairy Spider Legs.

10/20/14: Baptisia was featured in Pitchfork’s “Overlooked Albums of 2014.” Read the feature here.

7/22/14: Pleased to share that Baptisia received a very considerate review from Decoder Magazine. Read it here.

6/5/14: Baptisia is now available at Mind Cure Records in Pittsburgh.

5/6/14: My new album, Baptisia, is out now on vinyl from Hairy Spider Legs independent music label in Chicago. Order a copy by contacting me directly or by visiting Hairy Spider Legs.

3/21/14: The forthcoming LP, Baptisia, received a positive early review from Anti-Gravity Bunny. Read the full review here.

2/21/14: My new album, Baptisia, is scheduled for release on May 6, 2014 from Hairy Spider Legs. Pre-order it, preview two songs, see the hand-rendered custom artwork or just read more about it here.

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