Jackie McDowell – New Blood Medicine CD-R reissue (Wild Silence)

Jackie McDowell – New Blood Medicine digital album (self-released)


Jackie McDowell – Language Of The Birds CS (Hairy Spider Legs)


Jackie McDowell – Baptisia LP (Hairy Spider Legs)


Sun Cycles – Woods Creek Demos CD-R (Biological Radio)

Inez Lightfoot/V.A. – Eternal Sounds Of Winter CS (Sounds Eternal)

Inez Lightfoot – Sleep By DayFly By Night 2xCS (Northern Twilights)

Inez Lightfoot – Three Weaving At The Well CS reissue (No Kings)


Inez Lightfoot – Familiars LP (Digitalis)

Inez Lightfoot/V.A. – Shadow Colors And Maybe Insects CS (Watery Starve)

Inez Lightfoot – Three Weaving At The Well CS (Biological Radio)

Inez Lightfoot – Live CS (Dial Square Tapes)

Sun Cycles – Siskiyou Holies CS split w/ Mohawk Park (Biological Radio)

Sun Cycles / Inez Lightfoot s/t live split CS (Dumpster Diving Lab)

Inez Lightfoot – “Apogee and Perigee” cassingle (Discriminate)

Inez Lightfoot – Riverbottom Nightmare CS (Biological Radio)

Rivière Amur – The Songlines CS (Hooker Vision)

Sun Cycles – Home CS (Biological Radio)


Rivière Amur – Bois Flotté CS (I Had An Accident)

Inez Lightfoot – The Ballad Of Wandlimb 3″ CD-R (Kimberly Dawn)

Inez Lightfoot – Pollen On The Brow CS (Digitalis Ltd.)

WaterFinder – Cultivating A Void CD-R (Biological Radio)

Inez Lightfoot – Gatherer CD-R (Ruralfaune)

Inez Lightfoot – Nature Songs CS (Biological Radio)

Inez Lightfoot – Offering CS (Stunned Records)

WaterFinder – The Good Heart CS split w/ Nite Lite (Stunned Records)


Inez Lightfoot s/t CS (Biological Radio)

WaterFinder s/t CS split w/ Dark-UrrrU (Peasant Magik)


WaterFinder – The Third Road tour CD-R (Biological Radio)

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